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a landscape shot of the Waldhaus Flims resort building and the surrounding grounds. The building is white and is contrasted by the bright green of the evergreen trees that surround it.
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Waldhaus Flims: Embedded in nature and the Alps

exterior shot of the Waldhaus Flims resort building and the surrounding grounds. The building is white with gray shutters. There are balconies at each window. The grounds are lush green grass with manicured bushes. In the background are the swiss alps.

Waldhaus Flims’s unique setting within Switzerland’s largest hotel park sets the stage. A bucolic sanctuary of wide open meadows, quiet walking paths shaded by old-growth linden trees, and panoramic views of mountain peaks as far as the eye can see beckons you to slow down, linger awhile, and revel over nature’s beauty.

resort ground view of Belle Époque pavilion, Waldhaus Spa, Swiss alp mountains, trees and clear sky, indoor pool, outdoor pool, sun loungers on green grass

From the moment you wake up, to when you turn in for the night at Waldhaus Flims, inspiring vistas of the Alps or serene Waldhaus Park surround you at every turn. Feel nature’s glory from behind floor-to-ceiling windows, then set out to explore your surroundings.

2 kids sitting on rock looking out to Waldhaus Park's mountain and lake, clear blue sky and sun glare

The most awe-inspiring natural wonders near Waldhaus Flims

Rock layers of the Tectonic Arena Sardona
The unique rock formations of the Tectonic Arena Sardona, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, bear witness to the extraordinary collision of the European and African continental plates, a slow process that eventually led to the formation of the Alps. Marvel at the Glarus Thrust, where 250-300 million-year-old “Verrucano” rocks were pushed onto much younger, 35-50 million-year-old “Flysch” rocks.

The Martinsloch is a natural hole in the Tschingelhörner rock face. On a few days in spring and autumn, numerous spectators gather to watch the sun shine through the triangular-shaped opening to land directly on the church tower of Elm. It’s a rare and impressive event, but the Martinsloch is still a sight to behold any time of year.

landscape shot of Lake Cresta. The dark blue water reflects the lush evergreen tree forest that surrounds the lake. There is a thin layer of fog rising from the surface of the water. There are gray mountain peaks in the distance

Lake Cauma
Wellness seekers started flocking to Flims in the 19th century to take in the waters of Lake Cauma, believed to have legendary healing powers. In Romansh, “Cauma” means “midday rest,” and the extraordinary lake lives up to its name. Today, numerous lake goers head to its shores to swim, sunbathe and relax. Those seeking a challenge can try stand-up paddleboarding for a new way to experience the lake.

Rhine Gorge
This breathtaking gorge is known as the “Grand Canyon of Switzerland” for good reason. Well-signposted hiking trails lead over rock formations framed by pines and through shady forests. Small islands and sandbanks invite you to linger over the unique views of the 400-meter-high limestone walls. Hike to the nearby Il Spir viewing platform near Flims-Conn for 180-degree views of spectacular gorge.

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Landscape shot of Lake Cresta. The water is bright teal and clear enough to see the bottom of the lake. In the distance is an evergreen tree forest.

Lake Cresta
This small, crystal-clear natural lake is a real insider tip with remarkably few visitors because it can only be reached on foot. Enjoy a refreshing swim or take to the waters on a stand-up paddleboard.

An ariel shot of the swiss alps. They are covered in evergreen trees and the jagged peaks are capped with snow in the distance. The sun shines off the mountains.


Let us customize your experiences.

The concierge of Waldhaus Flims will be happy to provide you with information on experiences in and around your hotel and tailor each according to your wishes.
waldhaus flims hotel exterior at dusk. The hotels is white with gray shutters. There are two balconies overlooking the mountains. In the background are evergreen trees and the silhouettes of the swiss alps


A Gourmet Festival at the Grandhotel. A summit meeting of Swiss star and top chefs as well as premium food partners. In the middle of the Swiss Alps in Flims. Experience two days of pure art & culinary delights from August 27-28, 2022!

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