Aug 13
Aug 17
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Detail shot of a bar. There are five bottles of whiskey lined up on the bar each with its own unique label.

Chadafö Bar
A relaxing ambience

Chadafö Bar

Classic cocktails in an atmosphere of pure sophistication

interior shot of a resort dining room. There is dim, warm lighting and the walls are paneled with dark wood and brick. The chairs are sleek, high back covered with white suede. The tables the chairs are surrounding are white circle tops with a single candle placed in the center.
an interior shot of the Chadafo Bar. There are three neutral patterned chairs circling each wood table with a glass top. At each table there is a white plate and a water glass. There are brown leather ottomans at each table as well. The walls are wood paneled with black and white photographs.

There’s nothing more comforting than the crackle of an open fire. At the Chadafö Bar, we light a fresh fire every evening for an inviting ambiance where you can sip exquisite cocktails and relax to the music. You will also find an extensive selection of Dominican and Cuban cigars in the Davidoff Smokers’ Lounge.

detail shot of a craft cocktail sitting on a black bar with gold accents. The glass cocktail cup holds bright red liquid with a green sprig of garnish and a large ice cube. Behind the cocktail is a taller glass filled with ice. There is a lemon wedge between the two glasses.

Chadafö Bar

Craft cocktails

Our Chef de Bar and his team mix cocktails with precision, care and historical integrity, following original recipes dating back to the 1800s.

Daily from 11:30am to 12:00 am