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Beautiful Epoca restaurant exterior surrounded by snow cover trees and mountains under a blue sky

The finest cuisine in the Alps


Where each course is an ode to the local Alpine fare

interior shot of a dining room in the resort. The walls are white and there is arch detailing. There are shelved holding glasses of liquor and wine. The tales are long, light wood and are elegantly set. The tables are surrounded by white chairs. There are floor to ceiling windows giving a view of the resort grounds
a couple is having dinner at Epoca, the woman is holding a glass of white wine in her hand and is smiling, there are other guest in the background, we also see trees in the far background through the large floor to ceiling windows

Epoca’s modern glass-walled dining room blends indoors and outdoors, a fitting atmosphere for a restaurant committed to showcasing the bounty of its mountainous setting. Longstanding relationships with purveyors in the Graubünden ensure only the freshest, seasonal produce ends up on your plate.

an interior shot of a formal dining room. There are multiple rectangular wooden tables around the room surrounded by white or black leather arm chairs. There is a grand silver serving cart in the corner of the room. The floor to ceiling windows allow for a view of the resort grounds at dusk.
a woman's hands holding utensils ready to dive into a beautiful plated food with a glass of white wine


Journey through the Alps

Epoca’s chefs take deep inspiration from the Alpine surroundings. Their carefully crafted dishes pay respect to regional specialties and traditional recipes with fresh new takes and first-class presentation.

Beautful Epoca restaurant exterior surrounded by snow cover trees and mountains under a blue sky


Our hours

To make a reservation, please call +41 81 928 49 34 or email

Opening hours (September)

Wednesday to Saturday
from 6.00 pm to 10:30 pm
Sunday to Tuesday closed