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a private dinner table set up in the wine cellar. On the wall are copper pots lined on the wooden shelves as decoration. The long table is full with bowls of bread, grapes and cheeses. There is a bottle of wine in the middle of the table next to a tall candlestick. Plates and wine glasses are stacked on one end of the table across from the food. White chairs line the table.

La Tavolata: Wine Cellar

La Tavolata

Treat your guests to a private wine tasting or multi-course meal in our intimate wine cellar

detail shot of a wine tasting. There are multiple bottles of wine on a wooden table. There are wine glasses and gold candle sticks placed around the table.

Enjoy relaxed dining among friends and family around the communal table, in the time-honoured style of the best Italian hosts. Ideal for groups of up to 12.

detail shot of wine lined up along a wine cellar shelf. The bottles are different colors with different tops and labels.

La Tavolata

An oenophile’s heaven

The wine selection here includes regional Swiss bottlings as well as rarities from Bordeaux and Burgundy.

To arrange your event, please call +41 81 928 49 00 or email

waldhaus flims hotel exterior at dusk. The hotels is white with gray shutters. There are two balconies overlooking the mountains. In the background are evergreen trees and the silhouettes of the swiss alps


A Gourmet Festival at the Grandhotel. A summit meeting of Swiss star and top chefs as well as premium food partners. In the middle of the Swiss Alps in Flims. Experience two days of pure art & culinary delights from August 27-28, 2022!

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