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a detail shot of the lines of a tennis court. The court is a dull blue with white lines and the surrounding area is painted green.
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Enjoy a private tennis lesson

Active Experiences

Improve your technique with private instruction that can be tailored to adults and to children, and for every level and ability

a woman in a white tennis dress and white tennis shoes stands in a crouches position as she waits for the ball to be served. Her hair is tied back in a tight ponytail and she hold her neon green racket close to her chest
a detail shot of a man in royal blue shorts and light blue tennis shoes. He bounces the ball in front of his racket as her prepares to serve the ball over the net.

Whether you’re hitting with an instructor or just simply having fun on one of our outdoor clay courts in the Waldhaus Park, beautiful mountain vistas and serene nature will surround you at every turn.

We are happy to work together with the “Inside Out Tennis Academy”. The team of Georgi Goranov takes care of everything. Discover exciting courses:

An ariel shot of the swiss alps. They are covered in evergreen trees and the jagged peaks are capped with snow in the distance. The sun shines off the mountains.


Let us customize your experiences

The concierge of Waldhaus Flims will be happy to provide you with information on experiences in and around our hotel and tailor each according to your wishes. 

All Seasons

Experiences for all the senses

The Waldhaus Flims and its surroundings offer unforgettable activities for adventurers, connoisseurs and explorers. Enjoy a range of culinary delights and sporting thrills among impressive natural wonders.

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