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a man in cargo short and a long sleeve shirt whips a large fishing rod through the air. He is standing in the middle of a stream. He wears a bright blue backpack and a green baseball cap. There are evergreen trees lining the river.
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Go on a guided fly fishing expedition

Active Experiences

With more than 140 mountain lakes and 1,200 km of rivers, the Graubünden is a fly fishing paradise

a man in a pale green hiking button up shirt and cap stands behind a woman with a gray fleece jacket and her hair tied in a bun. She is holding a large fishing rod in front of her. They are both looking out into the distance.
a man wearing no shirt, a baseball cap, sport sunglasses and black shorts proudly holds a giant fish. He is smiling. The fish extends the length of the man's wingspan. In the background is the brilliant blue water and mountains in the distance

Under professional guidance, you will learn the basics of fly fishing, and cast a line for European char, and brown and lake trouts. Instruction can be tailored to any group size and ability.

An ariel shot of the swiss alps. They are covered in evergreen trees and the jagged peaks are capped with snow in the distance. The sun shines off the mountains.


Let us customize your experiences

The concierge of Waldhaus Flims will be happy to provide you with information on experiences in and around our hotel and tailor each according to your wishes.

All Seasons

Experiences for all the senses

The Waldhaus Flims and its surroundings offer unforgettable activities for adventurers, connoisseurs and explorers. Enjoy a range of culinary delights and sporting thrills among impressive natural wonders of the UNESCO protected area of Sardona. The whole Flims-Laax-Falera region has an unparalleled safety concept so that you can enjoy the slopes safely this year too. Please find the COVID19 concept of Flims Laax and other relevant information here:

Caret Down
waldhaus flims hotel exterior at dusk. The hotels is white with gray shutters. There are two balconies overlooking the mountains. In the background are evergreen trees and the silhouettes of the swiss alps

Spa opening hours

Dear guests,

From Mai 09th until Mai 22nd 2022, our swimming pools will be closed due to a yearly revision. Our spa will be then open from 09:00 AM until 7:00 PM.

Our Fitness will remain open 24 hours.


Please contact us on 081 928 48 48 if you have any questions or an inquiry.

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