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two people wearing hiking packs walk hand in hand through the Rhine Gorge. The path is covered with lush green grass an the path leads toward the jagged gray peaks of the mountains in the distance. There are small patches of snow scattered across the mountains
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Hike scenic mountain trails

Nature Experiences

With over 250 km of hiking trails, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re an expert mountain climber or looking for a gentle family hike

a group of people, three woman and one man, dressed in hiking gear take a walk along a dirt path. In the background is a cabin, a forest of evergreen trees and the tops of the swiss alps. The group of people are relaxed, chatting and smiling.

Hike through enchanted forests and around crystal-clear lakes, all surrounded by a striking mountain landscape. Attentive hikers can take in the meditative sounds of nature: branches creaking underfoot, birds singing melodically, crickets chirping gently, and mountain streams trickling nearby.

An ariel shot of the swiss alps. They are covered in evergreen trees and the jagged peaks are capped with snow in the distance. The sun shines off the mountains.


Let us customize your experiences.

The concierge of Waldhaus Flims will be happy to provide you with information on experiences in and around our hotel and tailor each according to your wishes. 

waldhaus flims hotel exterior at dusk. The hotels is white with gray shutters. There are two balconies overlooking the mountains. In the background are evergreen trees and the silhouettes of the swiss alps


A Gourmet Festival at the Grandhotel. A summit meeting of Swiss star and top chefs as well as premium food partners. In the middle of the Swiss Alps in Flims. Experience two days of pure art & culinary delights from August 27-28, 2022!

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