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landscape shot of the Rhine Gorge. The mountain is layered with lush green grass on the base and gray, snow dusted rock at the peak. The sky is light gray with clouds.
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Hike the spectacular Rhine Gorge

Nature Experiences

Come and see for yourself why this breathtaking gorge is known as the “Grand Canyon of Switzerland"

a man in a red plaid shirt and a woman in a pink long sleeve tee sit overlook a river snaking through mountains. Evergreen trees dominate the mountainous terrain. The rays of the sun shine through the mountains creating a golden glow.
post card view of the sun setting over a valley of mountains

A visit to the Rhine Gorge is an absolute must for any guest in the Surselva. Along the Rhine, which flows through the gorge for over 14 km, well-signposted hiking trails lead over rock formations framed by pines and through shady forests. Small islands and sandbanks invite you to linger over the unique views of the 400-meter-high limestone walls.

An ariel shot of the swiss alps. They are covered in evergreen trees and the jagged peaks are capped with snow in the distance. The sun shines off the mountains.


Let us customize your experiences

The concierge of Waldhaus Flims will be happy to provide you with information on experiences in and around our hotel and tailor each according to your wishes. 

All Seasons

Experiences for all the senses

The Waldhaus Flims and its surroundings offer unforgettable activities for adventurers, connoisseurs and explorers. Enjoy a range of culinary delights and sporting thrills among impressive natural wonders of the UNESCO protected area of Sardona.

Caret Down
waldhaus flims hotel exterior at dusk. The hotels is white with gray shutters. There are two balconies overlooking the mountains. In the background are evergreen trees and the silhouettes of the swiss alps


A Gourmet Festival at the Grandhotel. A summit meeting of Swiss star and top chefs as well as premium food partners. In the middle of the Swiss Alps in Flims. Experience two days of pure art & culinary delights from August 27-28, 2022!

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