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A woman sits cross legged on a white yoga mat. She is wearing black shorts and a coral pink sports bra. Her hands are extended behind her back ad her palms are pressed together. She is performing yoga in the indoor pool area. There are gray lounge chairs in the background and you can see the blue pool water in the corner of the image.

Performance and relaxation in balance


Our goal is to work with you to discover new ways to achieve better physical health and a more active lifestyle

a man in a gray tshirt works his arm muscles on a black fitness machine while a woman in a gray tank top and leggings uses the elliptical behind him. There are rows of ellipticals and stationary bikes throughout the gym.
a close up of a man in a gray t shirt as he does curl ups with a large black weight.

TechnoGym® equipment

The Waldhaus Spa fitness area boasts only the latest, cutting-edge equipment by TechnoGym®, a globally prominent producer of biomechanically optimized exercise machines. Our instructors will be happy to show you how to work towards your fitness goals.

a group of three women in workout tank tops mirror their instructors by lifting hand weights. They are smiling and laughing

Daily fitness and relaxation classes

Whether you prefer cardio or liberating yoga, our daily classes have something for everyone.

a woman in gray sweatpants and a pink tank top is doing bent knee sit ups on a black yoga mat. Another woman wearing workout gear helps position the woman on the yoga mat correctly. They are both smiling.

Personal trainers and coaching

Thanks to our tailored programs, we can detect and correct any excess or incorrectly applied exertion. Choose from coaching modules that target the back muscles, fitness for skiing and hiking, fat burning, and relaxation with yoga and pilates. Continual training can boost the cardiovascular system, the body’s metabolism and your state of mind.

waldhaus flims hotel exterior at dusk. The hotels is white with gray shutters. There are two balconies overlooking the mountains. In the background are evergreen trees and the silhouettes of the swiss alps

Covid Certificate

Please note that due to the measures taken by the Federal Council, a valid COVID certificate is required:

  • The hotel can be accessed with 3G
  • Restaurants and fitness can only be accessed with 2G.
  • The wellness area can only be accessed with 2G+

Due to the current situation, our restaurants are partially open.

Please contact us on 081 928 48 48 if you have any questions or an inquiry.

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