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close up detail of a woman's shoulder. A pair of manicured hands massage the woman's shoulder.

Signature massages and rituals

Signature Massages and Rituals

Indulge in our premier class of Signature Treatments developed exclusively for the Waldhaus Spa.

a woman lies on her stomach on a massage table. Her face is tilted toward the camera, her eyes are closed and she looks relaxed. Another woman in a gray uniform stands over her and pours a liquid on her hands to massage into the woman's back
a woman with brown hair tied into a bun lays on her back on a massage table. Her head is propped up with a white towel. Her eyes are closed and she looks relaxed. A pair of hands massage her neck and forehead.

Choose from a range of signature massage and rituals, created by our qualified therapists based on years of experience. Each massage aims moderate pressure on certain body parts, from the back to the shoulder and neck, while rituals engage the senses with aromatics, dry brushing and wraps.