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a golden tinted room with a long bench in the center of it. he walls are textured and light brown. There are lights that give the room a golden glow.

Surrender to our restorative saunas

a fire blazes in the foreground of the photo. In the background you can see through glass floor to ceiling windows a sauna. The sauna is tinted red and there are multiple levels of light wood benches.


Steep your body and soul in warmth and well-being and feel any tension slip away

Aromatic steam baths

Your skin and airways are soothed by the cozy 45°C temperature and palpable humidity. Natural aromas diffused in steam surround you and envelop you in their beneficial influence.

a blazing fire sits in a glass fireplace built into the gray stone wall of a sauna.

Finnish sauna

This glass-encased sauna kept at to 85°C by hot stones makes for a discreet addition to its forest setting. Cool down under the waterfall showers or in the bathing pond.

Hammam warm-up room

Gently acclimatize at 40°C to the heat of the hammam steam bath. Take your time, absorb the serenity, and look forward to a rejuvenating cleansing ritual.

a woman in a white bikini with blond hair pulled into a bun lies on her stomach. Her face is tilted towards the camera. Her eyes are close and she looks relaxed.
a woman with blond hair pushed back by a white flower behind her ear lays on her stomach. A pair of hands massages her bare back and there are soap bubbles on the pair of hands and on the woman's back. The woman's eyes are closed and she look relaxed.

Hammam steam bath

At 45°C, circulation is stimulated, which helps alleviate tension and curbs the effects of aging on your skin.

In-ground sauna

The swimming pond jetty leads to our unique in-ground sauna, which is centered around an open fire with splendid views of the pond.

aerial view of the wooden walkway that leads out of the spa and into the pond. The pond is a light green color and there is a fire lit in a fireplace next to the building.
green tree covered hills

Swarovski physiotherm cabins

Warm your body through and through, without taxing your circulation. Infra-red beams radiate a gentle heat to loosen the muscles, soothe any pains, and help the body’s natural cleansing.

Women’s sauna area

A saunascape for the exclusive use of female guests. Aromatic baths with the essences of local mountains herbs are accompanied by a steam bath and a resting room.

Three woman wrapped in towels sit next to each other on a sauna bench. Their bare legs are crossed.
a view from the indoor pool looking out onto the outdoor pool. There is a white lounge chair looking out onto the view.

Quiet rooms

Our resting rooms have a mixed area and a women’s area, both with lovely views of the swimming pond and an ambiance of utter relaxation.

A close up shot of a ladder covered in snow leading out of a steaming hot spring. The water is a dark blue and there is golden tinted steam rising from the surface. The sun reflects off the steam and the snow surrounding the pool

Ice hole in pond

Our pond freezes in winter. We make an ice hole by the jetty, so guests brave enough can take a dip in the icy water, then warm up in the in-ground sauna for even more intense sensations.

waldhaus flims hotel exterior at dusk. The hotels is white with gray shutters. There are two balconies overlooking the mountains. In the background are evergreen trees and the silhouettes of the swiss alps


A Gourmet Festival at the Grandhotel. A summit meeting of Swiss star and top chefs as well as premium food partners. In the middle of the Swiss Alps in Flims. Experience two days of pure art & culinary delights from August 27-28, 2022!

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